Welcome to CrisisSim

We have 25+ years experience in
design and creation of
simulation training solutions 
for safety & security

We support end-users 
with their training strategy 
and its implementation

And help innovative entrepreneurs
with product strategy and 
business development

Welcome to CrisisSim

Simulation is a proven and promising learning method to educate, train and assess safety & security professionals. The speed of innovation in the simulation domain is fast. New technologies appear, new suppliers emerge in the fields of simulation technology, 3D content creation and enhanced immersion. 

It is not an easy task for training providers in the field of safety & security training to keep up. Nor is it easy for innovative companies in the field of simulation technology to understand what safety & security end-users need and want.

CrisisSim supports end-users to define and implement their simulation training strategy. CrisisSim helps technology suppliers to understand end-user needs by supporting design and market entry strategy definition.

Our aim is to help bridge the gap between end-users and technology suppliers. 

SAFAR Project Partner

CrisisSim is a proud member of the SAFAR Project.
SAFAR aims at increasing situational awareness in the training of firefighters using a variety of immersive XR solutions.

SAFAR is funded through the Erasmus+ Programme Action Type KA220-VET as a Cooperation partnerships in the VET Call 2023

The further Project Partners are
Upper Secondary School of Chemistry in Pardubice, Czech Republic (Project Coordinator)
University of Zilina, Slovak Republic
Vilnius Firefighter Training School, Lithuania
SBG Dresden, Germany
School of Certified Professionals, Cyprus

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About CrisisSim

CrisisSim was founded by Martijn Boosman. Martijn has over 25 years experience in the safety & security training field, with a key specialisation in simulation-based education and training. 

Martijn's experience was built up during his entrepreneurial work in the organisations listed below which he (co-)founded since his graduation as Industrial Design Engineer at the Delft University of Technology in 1996. 

Martijn can call on a team of creative and innovative individuals to support CrisisSim's customers and partners.