How we can help you

With our long experience in intiating and growing companies and an in depth understanding of emergency response training and education, CrisisSim can help you in a number of different ways. 

Our core competencies are creativity, determination and clarity.
Our key value is honesty with a strong respect for cultural and personal freedom. 

The projects below show examples of activities in which we had the opportunity to play a key role applying our core competencies and key values. 

VR strategy and business development support

We supported VR company Reality in Virtual Reality Ltd. in the United Kingdom to create a product-market strategy for their innovative VR simulation software for fire investigation. Subsequently CrisisSim assisted RiVR in marketing and business development in Europe, Asia and North America. 

Co-creation of a research project for VR validation

Too little is known about the effectiveness of the use of VR in firefighter training. CrisisSim helped setup Project VR Effect to help researchers at the University of Western Norway and Coimbra (Portugal) to collect and analyse VR training data to validate effectiveness of VR in firefighter skills training. 

Design and creation of a VR Experience Center

The Netherlands Burns Foundation uses Virtual Reality to support burn patient in treatment and rehabilitation. Furthermore the Burns Foundation is supporter of public fire safety awareness. CrisisSim designed and built a VR Experience Center for the Burns Foundation at the H20 Esports Arena Amsterdam.

Other examples of key projects prior to the foundation of CrisisSim in which Martijn played a key role:

Ignis Project - wildfire simulation training

Implemention and validation of the use of simulation-based training for multi-national wildfire response exercises. 

Martijn's role: coordination of the simulation training and validation activities. 

(EU funded project 2016/2017)

Singapore Home Team Academy simulation center

Implementation of a turn-key simulation training center for multi-agency crisis management in Singapore. 

Martijn's role: project leader 

(Opened in 2018)

Simulation Center at Airport Authority of India

Design and implementation of a turn-key incident command and driving training center for airport fire fighting.

Martijn's role: project leader 

(Opened in 2018)

The European Commission funded Driver+ Project

Technical project participation and a leading role in a mid-project restructure of a major EU 7th Framework Project for Research,
Technological Development and Demonstration. The Driver+ Project had 31 Partners from 14 countries making it one of the largest EU FP7 Projects.